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Reflexology, or how to massage the foot

Reflexology, or how to massage the foot

Reflexology, or how to massage the foot

Traditional Chinese medicine is a type of alternative medicine that supports medical therapy, and its history dates back over 2,500 years .

According to research and based on images left by the local people ( the tomb of Imhotep , who was an architect and a doctor), the beginnings of foot massage took place in ancient Egypt and China , when people noticed the beneficial properties of foot massage .

Acupuncture model – individual receptors

How does Chinese medicine work?

The main assumption of Chinese medicine is that diseases and pain result from an imbalance between yin and yang . To regain health, therapy must be implemented. Rebuilding balance includes: herbal treatment, an easily digestible diet, acupuncture, acupressure, massages, and Chinese cupping.

Today we will focus on acupressure , specifically reflexology . So what exactly is it?

Receptors on the feet

Therapeutic foot massage

Reflexology is a therapeutic foot massage that is part of acupressure. Chinese doctors believe that meridians, i.e. paths through which Qi energy passes, run through the human body.

If the patient is sick, use your fingertips to massage the appropriate area on the feet, hands or face . The points on these body parts correspond to various organs in our body, and massaging will unblock the energy in the meridians .

Interestingly, in ancient Greece, Hippocrates, Plato and Galen proclaimed that animal spirits traveled in nerves, which were empty - and they called them life force/energy or Qi .

WHO and Chinese medicine

If you think this is just stupid talk, I would like to tell you that acupressure is on the WHO list, and reflexology has been an official profession recognized in Poland since 2005 .

Indications and contraindications to reflexology

The list of diseases that it fights or helps fight, including academic medicine, is long. These include, for example: asthma, dysmenorrhea, allergy, migraine, stress, various types of pain (toothache, neuralgia, headache) .

Rubbing your feet with your fingers

Of course, this is not about serious illnesses that require treatment or even a hospital stay. Although reflexologists claim that acupressure can support such treatment.

Unfortunately, reflexology is not recommended if we have the following foot problems: mycosis, wounds, infections, varicose veins. It is also not recommended for pregnant women.

Home foot massage and reflexology map

According to the assumptions of Chinese medicine, foot pain during massage means a disease of a given part of the body connected to the pain receptor. If we are healthy, there will be no pain when pressing the appropriate points .

Therefore, it is an ideal diagnosis that we can perform ourselves at home through foot self-massage or during a professional treatment with a reflexologist . Let's take a look at the foot map created by the Polish Institute of Reflexology :

Foot massage map

As you can see, there are a lot of points on the feet and it's easy to get lost, but to start with, a foot massage map is a big help.

Personally, after shoulder surgery, I had a massage performed by my orthopedist, of course in the appropriate zone, and it really helped me in terms of shoulder mobility.

Therapeutic massage is performed using the thumb, index finger or the entire hand, through circular movements - without the use of any massage oils or balms.

Foot massage techniques

To obtain a healthy appearance of the feet, improve circulation and relieve pain, we should massage the feet for 5-15 seconds , making circles on the entire sole of the feet. Pressing them with your thumb will additionally enhance the effect and relax the muscles.

There are many acupressure methods. There are special acupuncture mats that press appropriate points, but for beginners I recommend a home massage , preferably of the entire foot. You can ask your partner for a favor and make your evening more pleasant or try the Clevebe device .

Clevebe – foot massage at home

Home foot massage

An equally good solution is a massage using the innovative Clevebe foot peeling and massage device . In addition to peeling, it has a foot massage function.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the product, designed by the designer, we can thoroughly massage the edges of the foot and heel and at the same time relax while bathing . The Clevebe foot grater should be used in the bathtub or shower , without having to bend down.

If the pain persists despite home massage, it is worth looking for a professional reflexologist in your city.

If you are interested in other topics related to Chinese medicine, please let us know!

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