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How does Clevebe work? Foot care for everyone

How does Clevebe work? Foot care for everyone

How does Clevebe work? Foot care for everyone

What is Clevebe?

With comfortable foot care in mind, the innovative Clevebe product for foot peeling and massage was created . Or maybe it's better to say that first several prototypes were created, the product changed its shape and color, was tested, received a certificate, a patent...

The product's path to final production and sale was very long, but it is finally here! The creators of the device wanted the peeling to be effective fast and convenient , and the whole process took place without unnecessary mess. The effect is impressive. Check it out and judge for yourself.

What are the benefits of the product and who is it suitable for?

The device has a number of unique features that make the Clevebe foot grater with replaceable inserts unique and unique:

  • Durability - specially selected materials and careful production of the device by passionate people make Clevebe a product that is very durable and, what's more, can be used by different family members (after changing the insert).

  • Time saving - the product is designed for use in the shower or bathtub, so the entire care process can be performed during your daily bath. Pleasant and useful.

  • Can be used in your hands - if you prefer to exfoliate while holding the device in your hands, no problem! The product has also been tested in this respect and it does its job perfectly.

Pedicure grater

  • Safety - the device meets all safety standards and has been approved by the National Institute of Public Health.

  • Handle - a comfortable handle that makes it easy to lift the product and move it to another place. The 'Pro' set includes a waterproof and rust-proof hook on which you can hang the peeling device and dry it. Additionally, it fits nicely in the bathroom because it looks like a decoration.

  • Ergonomic shape - a specially designed shape that adapts to the foot. Peeling can be done very thoroughly and by selecting a specific part of the foot. What's more, while peeling the foot, we also massage it .

  • Minimalist design - the product looks modern and elegant at the same time. It fits perfectly into any bathroom. There is no need to hide it in the cupboard.

  • Abrasive elements - replaceable inserts, reducing plastic consumption. You don't have to buy a new product, just change the cartridge! In addition, there are 2 different gradations to choose from: 100 and 150.

  • Anti-slip - anti-slip elements make the Clevebe device placed in a shower tray or bathtub non-slip and stable, which means there is no risk of slipping.

  • Convenience of use - it can be used during daily bathing, in the shower or in the bathtub. It is also useful during long-term delegations and trips.

The Clevebe foot peeling and massage device is suitable for everyone regardless of age and gender, and we especially recommend it to people who have trouble bending: the elderly, disabled people, and pregnant women .

How it's working?

Clevebe foot peeling and massage device

Before using the Clevebe pedicure grater, read the instructions at and watch the instructional videos. The scrub should be placed in a shower tray or bathtub . Please check that it is firmly attached to avoid slipping.

The file has 3 zones that are used for various types of movements:

  1. The elevation on which the edges of the foot are rubbed, such as the toes, instep, heel.
  2. Heel-fitting area . It is suitable for peeling the heels and higher areas of the foot.
  3. In this zone, quick and simple finishing movements are performed.

Once you are satisfied with the effect, I recommend applying foot cream to your feet to make them even smoother.

For more useful articles, please visit our blog, and if you are curious how to use the Clevebe product , go to the 'Instructions' tab.

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