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Are pumice stones and foot graters obsolete?

Are pumice stones and foot graters obsolete?

Are pumice stones and foot graters obsolete?

Wanting to take care of myself feet and get rid of it calloused epidermis , we usually use widely available ones pumice stone or foot grater .

Pumice has been known for years and is undoubtedly the most popular method of promoting foot hygiene. Plus, it's an accessible device, used since the days when there wasn't much choice and it was the only option to have smooth and soft feet . I remember when I was a child, I would come to my grandmother for holidays and it was a permanent element of the bathroom equipment, just like mint shampoo.

After appearing heel grater many people replaced it with a newer device, but pumice it still tempts us with its availability and low price. It is available on every corner, even in a local shop.

What is pumice?

Foot care

Pumice (Latin pumice) arises from lava , which dries and forms igneous rock . There are two types: volcanic pumice (i.e. the one formed from lava) and synthetic pumice .

Pumice is a volcanic rock natural pumice — comes in color black, beige or gray . With its help we can get rid of it calloused skin and corns .

Volcanic pumice

Exists alternative to volcanic pumice - synthetic pumice . It has a similar, porous texture and does its job equally well, but it is there much cheaper . Whereas crumbles quickly (which is not the case when natural pumice is used) and is produced in different colors . Therefore, they are easy to distinguish.

How to use pumice?

Important problem using pumice is hygiene . Using pumice stone possible only by one person , you should not share it with other family members.

In most cases it is stored in damp bathroom . As a consequence, it remains wet all the time and becomes wet after a short time a habitat of bacteria and fungi that are easy to get infected (the most common are fungal infections ).

How to care for pumice stone for feet?

To avoid this, please clean it after each use thoroughly clean the foot pumice stone from the remains of dead skin . And it has pumice porous structure , it is not easy. In addition, it is mandatory to clean it at least once a month, preferably after each use, Disinfect with a disinfectant and replace frequently with a new one .

Heel grater

Heel care

In category heel grater we already have many more options to choose from. Electric graters, metal graters, wooden graters, plastic graters , with various gradations or something new on the cosmetics market - Clevebe heel grater with replaceable inserts .

Clevebe foot peeling and massage product

Graters , unlike pumice stones, have comfortable handles , a Clevebe can be used standing . Some of them have two sides with an abrasive element - for stronger grinding and smoothing. Unfortunately, graters also have their own problems weaknesses .

Electric graters when pressed firmly against the foot slow down or stop . In turn, popular metal graters (looking like cheese graters) they are often too sharp and hurt the skin of the feet . In this case, you can imagine how he will react foot skin for a cutter for epidermis calluses.

Pumice or grater?

Pumice stone vs. heel grater

So which option is better? Natural pumice, synthetic or foot grater?

In my opinion, definitely a washboard. It will last longer, does not crumble, and if washed and dried well, is not a threat to our feet. In turn, pumice poses a threat to our feet, which may result in a visit to a specialist.

If you are still not convinced, A better option than synthetic pumice is the volcanic one .

This is where it's worth considering and reflecting on choosing the Clevebe foot peeling device . Thanks replacing cartridges it is hygienic solution and possible to sharing with a partner . There are plenty to choose from two abrasive surfaces: 100 and 150 , excellent removal dead skin . And above all - you don't have to constantly buy a new product, but only replace the cartridges . Perfect for use in while bathing or showering .

For more useful articles, please visit our website blog , where we systematically discuss topics related to foot care and we show solutions how to get rid of this embarrassing problem.

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