About us

About the Clevebe brand


Who we are?

Our team consists of 4 people with several years of experience in the fields of: product design, production, marketing, sales and logistics.

The project is headed by the originator of the product - Łukasz Nicpoń.

Constructor and designer with 11 years of experience. He created projects for international companies and cooperated with companies from several continents. Gathering experience, he worked, among others, for companies: Newag, TGV-Metro Riyadh, Ford, Volkswagen.

For 3 years he worked as the main designer of new prototypes of McLaren Automotive vehicles. For over 2.5 years, he was a member of the most experienced team working on Rivian's first electric delivery van - Amazon Van.

His experience in designing complex products allowed him to build a creative approach to designing product features and giving them appropriate shapes, also in the context of using appropriate technology. This rich experience has become a very strong foundation and workshop, which translates into solving engineering problems and creatively creating new products.

The acquired experience and supervision of design processes up to the production stage made him want to develop his own product.

With a dose of humor and real need
Product Idea

The idea of ​​the Clevebe product was created in a tiny studio apartment where an engineer and designer lived with his beautiful fiancée. Small apartments often mean that the most comfortable room for body care is the bedroom.

That was also the case here. However, frequent treatments and the resulting odors and waste created tension and quarrels, spoiling the atmosphere - which resulted in the couple going to bed with their backs to each other. The designer used this time to consider why certain processes (e.g. foot peeling) couldn't be performed in a different, easier and more convenient way in the bathroom. So that the bedroom can only be used for more romantic purposes.

After several months of work on the prototype, a product quickly appeared and was tested by over 40 people - friends and specialists. Finally, after three years, we have a ready device that we are constantly improving.

As it turned out, the product ultimately improved the situation in many bedrooms.

To create a name that perfectly fits the mission of our company, we used two words that perfectly describe a woman - clever and be (from English to Polish: be clever -> be wise). Additionally, in the middle of the Clevebe brand name there is the word EVE (English: Eve). And who is Ewa? A symbol of femininity and life. Therefore, the idea of ​​our company is to create body products with wise care in mind, with a passion for construction and a love for beauty.

About us
Start of work on various product variants - shape, color and materials.
Verifying the last prototype with testers. Obtaining approval from the National Institute of Public Health and starting the patent procedure.
Registration of a company and participation in an incubator for new entrepreneurs.
Creating a business plan for the PARP project.
Awarding the grant, then mobilizing private funds and starting the project. The product is finally reaching customers.
Our business goal

The first year of our activity was mainly a verification of marketing and production activities. Building brand recognition and educating on the usability of the product. A key stage for us is to survey the opinions and level of satisfaction of our customers, especially those who were the first to have the opportunity to test our device. Next, we intend to introduce two innovative products to ultimately create an entire line of body care cosmetics.

Mission and vision of the company

The most important aspect of Clevebe's activity is to make body care simple, quick and effective. We act in response to people's needs and the requirements of today's times and problems. When we are constantly on the run, we do not always have the opportunity to take care of our body as much as we should. Our innovative products have been designed in such a way that customers have more time for themselves thanks to effective and instant care.

The process of creating devices is preceded by many consultations so that they can be useful for years. We also place emphasis on environmental protection. We do not want to support excessive plastic production, which is why our products are reusable with replaceable inserts. The brand was created to raise awareness of how to care for your feet and why it is so important. To care wisely and effectively. For many people, this is an embarrassing and embarrassing topic, and we want to start talking about this problem openly.