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Swollen feet during pregnancy. How to deal with it?

Swollen feet during pregnancy. How to deal with it?

Pregnancy It's a wonderful and exciting time, but at the same time full of challenges and changes taking place in a woman's body . Swollen feet, legs or ankles are one of the most common ailments that pregnant women struggle with.

Swollen legs are a normal ailment during pregnancy, but sudden painful swelling – especially if it occurs only in one leg – may be a sign of a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis).

A sudden increase in swelling may also mean that your blood pressure is higher than normal. Both cases require immediate medical consultation .

Swelling of legs during pregnancy – causes

During pregnancy excess fluid in the body and pressure from the growing uterus may cause leg swelling and swollen ankles. The swelling increases as the due date approaches. The symptoms are particularly troublesome at the end of the day and on hot days.

The increase in fluids in the body and excess water results from a simple fact - a woman's body is preparing for the upcoming birth . The body prepares itself for the event of major blood loss. Additionally, some of the water from the blood penetrates the walls of the vessels into the blood soft tissues , creating the so-called congestive edema.

It has a significant impact on leg swelling increasing weight . A growing baby and his weight obstructs blood flow and causes the uterus to press on the blood vessels - which ultimately leads to blood circulation disorders and legs swell.

Leg swelling is often more visible in the third trimester and it especially intensifies in summer when the temperature is high .

The combination of extra weight and hormones during pregnancy can cause your feet to not only widen, but also flatten and elongate. A week or two after your baby is born, the swelling in your legs and ankles may decrease , but your feet may never be the same again.

The effect of pregnancy on leg swelling

Swollen legs – how to deal with them?

Massage for swollen feet

if you have swollen legs , here are some tips to help you deal with the swelling .

  1. Sitting or standing in one place for too long may worsen swelling and pain. Don't cross your legs – this position hinders blood flow. Get up and stretch as often as possible during the day. Focus on straightening your knees and moving your ankles, and move your feet in circles to help with circulation . If you have joint problems, try swimming; this exercise allows the body to move without weight.
  2. Soak your feet in cool water – try cool baths or cold water compresses for swollen legs. Home remedies are often the best. Prepare yourself a bowl of cold water, for example with foot salt , to support the fight against swelling. Avoid hot baths – especially in summer. You can also try cold baths or cold water compresses, which will help reduce swelling and improve blood circulation in the leg tissues.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid high heels and pointy shoes. Wear airy shoes (made of fabric) with wide toes.
  4. For sluggish legs during pregnancy is helpful massage . Go to the SPA for the whole day, ask partner for a massage or use Clevebe foot peeling and massage grater. Thanks to its innovation, it allows massage your feet while standing or sitting - without bending down and bending, which is especially troublesome in the last months of pregnancy . Leg massage can improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.
  5. To decrease leg swelling during pregnancy , you should elevate your legs in a lying position whenever possible and use them lymphatic drainage . Lie comfortably on the bed with your legs above the level of your heart – you can use a stool/stool for this. After a few minutes you will feel relief in your lower limbs.
  6. Balanced diet – Maintaining a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, is crucial during pregnancy. Dietary supplements they can also be helpful for women who are expecting a child - but they should be taken consult your doctor carrying out the pregnancy.

Leg swelling and swelling during pregnancy

Fight against leg swelling

To sum up - swollen legs during pregnancy they can give future mothers a real hard time.

Avoiding long periods of sitting or standing and lying with your legs elevated on a pillow may help. Adding foot massages, a balanced diet and cold water compresses – Leg swelling during pregnancy may not be so bad .

For more tips, please visit our blog , and if you are curious how to use it Clevebe product watch the short video.

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