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Men's foot care – how to get rid of hard heels?

Men's foot care – how to get rid of hard heels?

Men's foot care – how to get rid of hard heels?

The times when men who avoided cosmetics and body care were "masculine" are slowly passing away, and men are finally starting to show interest in their appearance and the topic of men's foot care . This is especially visible when observing the generation of the so-called 'Zetek', i.e. people born after 1995.

Men's foot care

Perfumes, branded clothes, hairdresser, barber, cosmetics… what about older generations? How do millennials, X and baby boomers take care of men's feet ? Are their feet well-groomed? Despite constant ridicule, a common sight on the Polish beach is the immortal set: socks + sandals. Maybe if men decided to start taking care of their feet , there would be no need to hide them?

Men's heel care

The skin on the heels is the part of the feet where calluses, cracks and, as a consequence, pain most often appear. The cause of all the confusion is sports, overweight, inappropriate shoes, or foot care - or rather the lack of it . Active men - runners and dancers - are particularly susceptible to heel keratosis and calluses .

As if that wasn't enough, your feet get dry easily because there are few sweat glands on your feet.

Men's feet

Fortunately, I have a perfect solution for you - peeling for men . Let me reassure you right away - there is no need to make an appointment with a beautician, which is often embarrassing and embarrassing for men. Foot care can be done in the comfort of your home.

Clevebe – home foot care

New in foot care - the Clevebe foot peeling and massage product has two different gradations that will quickly deal with the problem. Gradation 100 is coarse-grained, perfect for corns and will quickly remove calluses and dead skin that disfigures the feet, and fine-grained grit 150 will finish the job, smoothing the whole thing.

How to care for your feet

To maintain the effect, it is enough to use the device at least once a week . The best effect can be achieved by moisturizing the skin of the feet before the entire process.

You should take a short shower beforehand or try a home spa and prepare a foot bath in warm water with salt or tea tree oil. Then we move on to foot peeling and corn removal. After bathing , I recommend using a moisturizing foot cream to soothe irritations and possible cuts . Creams with the addition of urea are noteworthy. More information can be found in the article  ''How to get very smooth feet''.

Toenail care

Men's feet and nails

All our efforts will be in vain if we don't also take care of our toenails . Ugly, long and dirty nails look unattractive and their aesthetic aspects are very questionable. Additionally, the nails may start to grow into the skin, which causes pain and will force you to visit a podiatrist .

Nail clipping for men's foot care

For your nails to grow properly, you need to cut them straight and take care of their condition . The recommended tool for this is a nail clipper, scissors or a file , which is very precise.

The key thing is to remove the cuticles . Initially, we push back the cuticles and then remove them using a milling machine or pliers.

To finish the pedicure and get rid of the dirt, we will need a small nail brush . It has a comfortable handle and hard bristles that perfectly clean the nail plates from dirt.

This set is perfect for both pedicure and manicure.

Excessive foot sweating

Sweating skin of the feet

The final stage is to prevent annoying foot sweating . Stores offer many antibacterial preparations . The simplest solution is a foot spray, which can be purchased at a drugstore or pharmacy. It will effectively eliminate unpleasant odor and prevent men's feet from sweating excessively.

The composition of the socks you buy is very important. 100% cotton socks are recommended. Artificial materials prevent the foot from breathing, which causes it to sweat and, as a result, emits an unpleasant odor.

Men's feet, footwear and sweating

Besides, it applies to all types of clothes. Plastic is not our ally in the fight for a pleasant body odor. For this reason , the material from which our shoes are made is an important issue.

Synthetic materials increase sweating . It is worth investing in appropriate footwear: leather shoes or shoes made of airy fabrics (those that absorb shocks). However, in summer, especially in hot weather , open footwear is recommended, so choosing sandals is a very good alternative.

If you stick to all these rules and find some free time to take care of your feet, the skin on your feet will surely thank you. And finally you will be able to get rid of your socks on the beach and show off your well-groomed feet :)

For more useful articles, please visit our blog , and if you are curious how to use the Clevebe product, go to the 'Instruction' tab.

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