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Homemade coffee scrub - do it yourself

Homemade coffee scrub - do it yourself

Homemade coffee scrub - do it yourself

You walk into a drugstore and suddenly you're surrounded by a lot of people interesting products, inviting, colorful, shimmering packaging. You can choose from enzymatic peels and peels mechanical and peelings for all skin types. You slowly look at each product you are interested in, read the ingredients, and the boy waiting for you in front of the store has a fever. You know that feeling?

It's easy to get lost among the thicket of store scrubs and constantly emerging new products. Why not try it? our grandmothers' methods?

Home remedies for peeling

Personally, as an Italianophile, I love taking things out of the cupboard on my day off coffee maker , grind the coffee beans so that the aroma spreads throughout the apartment and serve coffee making ritual . Not only do I get delicious coffee, but I also have what I have left at my disposal - coffee grounds, perfect for coffee scrub.

Caring properties of coffee

Many people don't realize that apart from taste values and stimulants, coffee has many beneficial properties care properties .

Above all caffeine contained in coffee, has anti-inflammatory effect, anti-cellulite, works on discolorations and improves skin tone. The cause of formation orange peel it is mainly genes, but due to hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy or menopause, it is mainly women who have problems with it. Usually the biggest worry is cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

Coffee peeling for cellulite?


If some of you were wondering, how to get rid of cellulite then I have good news for you :) Simple peeling from coffee grounds it can become your salvation, or at least it will certainly be very helpful in the eternal fight to get rid of it.

I'll say more, anti-cellulite peeling by exfoliating dead skin, it will smooth the skin and make it smooth soft and smooth . The body will be smoothed, firmed and the skin taut. You can see it after just one treatment reducing cellulite , but of course, the more systematic you are, the better!

And if you want it even more turn it up anti-cellulite effect and you don't have skin problems - add a little cinnamon . In this way coffee grounds scrub and cinnamon it will further stimulate your metabolism and stimulate blood circulation.

How to make a homemade coffee scrub?

Coffee peeling

Making peeling from coffee grounds, thanks to which you can do whole body peeling, it's very simple. In fact, all the ingredients you need are in your kitchen.


  • Our most important ingredient, of course, is coffee . To create our mixture we need ground, brewed coffee . The amount depends on whether you intend to exfoliate the entire body or only selected parts. I suggest using it first 2 tablespoons of coffee.
  • The next step is to add oil, preferably unrefined: olive oil, coconut oil or any other one you have at hand. Personally, I add almond oil , which I usually use I oil my hair , but it's also great for making it coffee peeling . If you have ready-made mixtures or olives for children – feel free to add them. The recommended quantity is also 2 tablespoons.
  • Optional if the gentler action is too weak for you, you can add a little bit cinnamon (CAUTION!) or to coffee peeling for cellulite was even stronger, 1 tablespoon of sugar or sea salt .
  • Mix everything well until obtaining desired consistency.

How to use coffee scrub?

Prepared coffee scrub should be used in the shower or bathtub . The body must be wet lukewarm water and apply the product in circular motions for the whole body. It's best to use it all at once, otherwise it will spoil. When it comes to feet, you can also feel free to use it, but in this case it will work better Clevebe foot peeling and massage device . It will remove quickly and efficiently dead skin, and if you like massages , yeah foot grater I will guarantee it to you.

Foot grater with replaceable Clevebe inserts

Depending on the size of the problem, there are 2 gradations available - 100 and 150, thanks to which you can adjust the power to your problems. By performing coffee scrub in the shower/bathtub you can use the product at the same time Clevebe to take care of your entire body. And you don't have to get out of the bathtub and dirty the whole house! Additionally Clevebe it was made to be used standing or sitting - without bending , quickly and effectively. As a reward, you will receive a body and feet as smooth as after leaving beauty salon.

Peeling before or after shaving?

Shaving your legs before a coffee scrub

If, in addition to peeling, you want to do it in one go shave your body , it is advisable to do it before, not after shaving . This way you will remove it dead skin cells and the razor will glide better over the body. Additionally, there will be Italian raised , which will make the shaving process much easier. In case of peeling after shave you can easily get hurt unpleasant and itchy irritations.

If you want to try others home recipes or learn how to care for your feet, read more of our articles BLOG u.

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