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How to wear high heels without pain?

How to wear high heels without pain?

How to wear high heels without pain?

Let's start with the fact that high heels are not synonymous with femininity. As history shows, it was a garment created mainly for men .

Of course, high heels with red lipstick and a little black dress look elegant and lengthen your legs . Fans of heels are seasoned in battle, but what about those who are just starting their adventure with high heels or want to wear stilettos for special occasions? And it's not easy, as it is in life.

Where did heels come from?

Not so long ago - in the 17th century - men could wear high heels ! And not just any ones. They were aristocrats straight from the royal court, and even the king himself.

If you look closely at the paintings from this period, for example the French king Louis XIV , called the Sun King , you will notice beautiful red sandals on a not very high heel. And of course, white tights, a wig and a richly decorated outfit - the essence of Baroque in Europe .

Louis XIV of France


However, the origins of heels can be traced back to the ancient Greeks . This is where the theater had its beginnings. Tragic performances that were supposed to induce catharsis in the audience and comedies in honor of the god Dionysus.

Unfortunately, only men could be actors, and to make them visible... they wore heels! Flat shoes would be useless in this case.

In turn, the Persians used heels to help them stay in the saddle while riding, and the Egyptians prevented their feet from getting dirty while working in the slaughterhouse.

A breakthrough in wearing high-heeled shoes

Christian Louboutin high heels

The revolution in wearing heels only came in the 20th century . Celebrities in Hollywood popularized the fashion for high heels , and an immortal classic entered fashion forever - beautiful stilettos with a red sole created by Christian Louboutin .

Urban dangers of walking in high heels

High heels

There are more dangers for high heels around us than you think. Topping the list is the bane of high heels - checkered .

My friend (she's the famous one everyone has) who was parading around in high heels , once got stuck in a grate in front of a grocery store door. I don't know if her surprised face or her attempt to pull the shoes out of the grate was better.

Okay, but you can overcome obstacles with your head held high when you walk in high heels, but what about the pain with every step that wearing high heels causes?

Ways to eliminate pain

How to get rid of the pain associated with wearing high heels? Here are practical tips , helpful even if you are used to wearing high heels every day

  1. A special deodorizing spray that expands shoes - contrary to appearances, it is not only suitable for bovver boots. It's perfect if you just have tight shoes or high heels that don't break in . Thanks to it, we will avoid painful corns and blisters that are common when we buy new shoes.
  2. Third and Fourth Toe Connection - If something sounds stupid but works, why not try it? A well-known trick of models to stay on the catwalk for a long time and avoid pain . Just use plasters to connect your fingers.
  3. Shoe QualityChoose high-quality shoes. It is not always obvious to us that the better the quality, the less pain. Shoes should, above all, be comfortable to use. Before purchasing try walking around the store and decide if you like their comfort.
    Cheap high heels tempt you with their price, but trust me, it's better to have one comfortable high heel than 10 made of artificial material that rubs your feet. What counts is not quantity, but quality. You will immediately feel more comfort .
  4. Gel insoles - the purpose of the insoles is to reduce pressure on the feet and absorb shocks caused by walking or running. The insoles should be cut to fit the shape of your foot. It is much more comfortable to wear high-heeled shoes with gel inserts - the relief for your feet will be noticeable.

High heels and health issues

Swollen feet

I want to cheer you up a bit, so let's start with the advantages . And yet such things exist.

High heels shape the calf muscles and additionally cause us to involuntarily train the Kegel muscles (pelvic floor). Muscle exercises minimize the risk of urinary incontinence, which most women experience after giving birth .

The pros and cons of wearing high heels

And now the dark side of wearing heels.

First of all, our knees and spine suffer. Walking in high heels all day and all night causes: posture disorders, spine pain, inflammation, hallux, shortening of the Achilles tendon, damage to toenails, hard skin on the heels, calluses...

Of course, everything is for people. By wearing heels on special occasions or for about 4 hours a day , we significantly minimize the risk of diseases. And any calluses and calluses will be quickly dealt with with the Clevebe foot peeling device.

For more useful articles, please visit our blog, and if you are curious how to use the Clevebe product, go to the 'Instructions' tab.

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