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How to get very smooth feet?

How to get very smooth feet?

How to get very smooth feet?

If the condition of your feet keeps you awake at night and wearing revealing shoes is your worst nightmare - this is the post for you!

Causes of foot skin problems

Foot skin problems are very common, and the main reasons are ill-fitting shoes, obesity, vitamin deficiencies and improper care . It's not always our fault. In pursuit of smooth feet, We go as far as solutions such as exfoliating socks. We imagine that after the treatment we will have as smooth heels and healthy feet as possible .

Instead we get dry feet and a nervous breakdown for free. Exfoliating substances work not only on... dead cells, corns, calluses and corns, but also on healthy tissue.

What are the most common foot skin problems?

The most common problem are cracked heels, calloused epidermis, peeling skin on the feet, keratinization of the skin . Many people also suffer from excessive sweating and has dry heel skin . It has been gaining popularity recently the profession of a podiatrist , i.e. the so-called foot specialist . Even though he is not included in the official list of doctors, it turns out that he is often indispensable in caring for foot skin . Despite your sincerest intentions and various uses home remedies on well-groomed heels and soft feet -
when it comes to foot problems, it is better to skip the visit beauty salon and go to a specialist.

Fortunately, we are slowly no longer ashamed of foot problems foot care becomes as common as taking care of the rest of your body.

Cracked heels

Unfortunately, it is still not as obvious how to get rid of this problem or we simply do not have time to deal with it. We live in a constant rush, we work, we go to the gym, we take care of children and in the rush of all our responsibilities we forget about foot care, and unfortunately the problem is getting worse.

What to do to have it smooth heels and well-groomed feet?

Relaxing bath - home remedies for smooth feet

Bathing in warm water

It's worth it at least once a week reserve time just for yourself and allow yourself a moment of relaxation and self-care.

First of all, let's start with foot baths . It is recommended to do it one/two hours before bedtime. To prepare such a bath we need: Himalayan salt , which has many valuable properties for our skin. First of all, it has antibacterial effect, soothes skin inflammation and perfectly cleanses the skin of the feet and gets rid of any bacteria (especially under the nails).

Bath with Himalayan salt

In combination with lavender, which is often used as a home remedy to aid sleep, calm down, reduce tension and relax muscles - such a bath will effectively calm down, soothe muscle pain after a hard day and provide us with smooth feet . In the summer time Additionally, it will soothe mosquito bites.

Salt bath with lavender for smooth heels

Here is the simplest recipe for a successful salt bath with lavender:

  • ½ cup of Himalayan salt
  • lavender oil - a few drops
  • warm water - the water temperature should not exceed body temperature

How to prepare a bath with warm water?

Lavender bath

Pour water into a bowl and add salt and oil . Water that is too warm may have a negative impact on the skin of your feet , so you should pay special attention to this people with varicose veins problems . Soak your feet for approx. 20-30 minutes . The mixture prepared in this way will help with rough feet and prepare them for further treatments. Attention! If you have problems with diseased joints , use Himalayan salt it is worth replacing it with peat salt , which has a healing effect.

How to have smooth feet?

Clevebe foot peeling and massage device


Clevebe foot peeling and massage device

After soaking our feet in water, we proceed to peeling foot care and disposal keratinized epidermis to obtain in this way smooth feet . Take a long and relaxing shower using your favorite gel. At the same time, try the perfect way to exfoliate your skin at home  Clevebe heel grater with replaceable inserts , used for foot peeling and massage . Without wasting time, which we still lack, you can easily exfoliate your feet.

Innovative grater with replaceable inserts

You can choose gradation depending on the problem: 100 and 150 . Gradation 100 ma high sharpness and is removable very hard skin on the heels , and calloused epidermis on your toes. Use carefully! However, the 150 grit still removes dead skin well, but it is still there a bit more delicate . The decision is yours!

Foot grater with replaceable inserts

The shape of the device allows you to exfoliate at the same time gentle massage and you get rid of the tension accumulated throughout the day and muscle pain. Moreover, massage improves the blood circulation . The best for last :)

Spine pain

You don't have to bend down at all . I don't know about you, but after a whole day of working at home and in the office, I only dream of lying down and not bending down again and feeling back pain. Clevebe it has a braking element and holds well in the shower tray, so you can forget about bending with an ordinary pumice stone or grater . The device can be used while standing or sitting!

Moisturizing cream for feet with shea butter

Foot care cream

Finally, to complete the whole process, I suggest using DIY cream with a moisturizing effect. I recommend doing it when you are preparing a foot bath, so that after the entire relaxation process you don't have to mix anything and just rub the cream into your feet. To make the cream, we only need a few ingredients:

  • shea butter
  • olive oil
  • vitamin A + E in drops

1 tablespoon of butter mix shea with 1 tablespoon of olive oil olive oil and a few drops vitamins A + E. Apply this mixture in a thick layer on the surface cleansed feet, applying the cream in circular motions , put on thick socks and go to bed.

Smooth heel skin

Vitamin A and E make the skin of the feet will be moisturized and soft , and shea butter corrects skin firmness, softens the epidermis and nourishes the skin . Olive oil is an emollient and its task is to ensure that it does not lose moisture and lubricates the skin.

Olive oil for smooth feet

In the morning your feet will be soft and smooth , a hard heels they will become velvety to the touch . The ritual can be performed 1-2 times a week , while alone peeling should be done every few days to have beautiful feet every day .

For more useful articles, please visit our website blog, and if you are curious how to use it Clevebe product – go to the tab ''Instruction''.

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